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An innovative & community-driven gaming company bridging the gap between web2 & web3.

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The EgoVerse strives for a standard of excellence that encompasses integrity, decisive action, and unwavering transparency.


We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional gaming experiences. Our team consistently endeavors to create top-tier games that not only deliver enjoyable gameplay but also push the boundaries of innovation within the realm of web3.


Our commitment is to provide you with outstanding gaming experiences. The diligent efforts of our team are focused on the continuous development of premium games that offer both entertainment value and pioneering advancements within the web3 landscape.

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Phase 1

  • Art
  • AEP Mint (Genesis Collections)
  • Deploy Website
  • Deploy Whitepaper
  • Deploy Smart Contracts
  • Build Community
  • Airdrop $PREY to Holders
  • Deploy Yobi
  • Deploy The EgoVerse LLC
  • Deploy Alpha Version of EgoVersus: The First Strike (FPS Game)
  • Deploy Staking/Breeding
  • Deliver Yobi Comic Book to holders
  • Deploy Alter Ego Lycans
  • Deploy Alter Ego Hunters
  • Deploy Coin Flip
  • Deploy Species Mint
  • Deploy LLC for W3rks
  • Phase 2

  • Deploy EgoVersus: The First Strike - New Map (Warehouse)
  • Deploy EgoVersus: The First Strike - New Map (Dojo)
  • Deploy Species Gamfied App following 5,000 Collection Mint Out
  • Deploy The Tavern
  • Deploy W3rks (Service/Freelance Marketplace)
  • Deploy Swap/DEX Aggregator
  • Phase 3

  • Deploy naming service AEP/AEH/AEL
  • Deploy Alter Ego Hunter & Lycan Art Upgrade
  • Deploy Hedera gamified mint
  • Develop and Deploy Species in Game playable characters
  • Deploy EgoVersus: The First Strike -Alpha Zombie Mode
  • Phase 4

  • Deploy EgoVersus: The First Strike - Story mode
  • Deploy Alter Ego Lady Punks
  • Deploy AirBnB (IRL Business)
  • Deploy Hipcamp (IRL Business)
  • Deploy Paintball Course (IRL Business)
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    Meet Our Team

    The commencement of our journey took place on December 25th, 2021, with a resolute mission to construct a more promising future that aligns with your rightful aspirations.

    In pursuit of this objective, we have meticulously formed a team comprised of adept individuals who boast comprehensive expertise, unwavering commitment, fervent passion, and exceptional creativity. Hailing from diverse backgrounds and various corners of the globe, we have united under a common purpose: to forge a path towards progress. This amalgamation of perspectives has endowed us with a multifaceted outlook, ensuring comprehensive consideration of various facets.

    We extend a cordial invitation for you to partake in this endeavor. Together, let us construct a brighter tomorrow, built upon the principles of improvement and designed with your best interests in mind.

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  • Echelon (CEO)
  • Eye Floater (CTO)
  • Tdot (CFO)
  • L1FË (COO)
  • Managers

  • Ghass (Gaming)
  • Dan (Financial)
  • Bayleytron (Operations)
  • Jendrix (Marketing)
  • Artists

  • Deer (CGI/Graphic Designer)
  • Sheriff (AI/Graphic Designer)
  • Alx (CGI Artist)
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